Monday, December 28, 2009

L.A. Candy

I want to first make a statement of my opinion of Lauren Conrad. The Hills was a show my friends and I loved in college. We loved Lauren and we watched the show each week. Going out, getting obnoxious amounts of Taco Bell, then sitting in front of the TV snacking on our tacos and coloring while we watched the show. We enjoyed the brainless entertainment and stopped watching the show promptly when Lauren left the show.

So... I like Lauren Conrad. I don't have any special hatred for her. But I wasn't jumping for joy when I found out she was writing a book about a girl who moves to LA and stars in a reality show... uh... sounds familiar, yes?

I took the book out, no way was I going to buy the thing, and attempted to read it. Now let's see the facts because I don't even want to waste my time writing out everything in detail:

  1. The grammar wasn't horrible. 
  2. The storyline was sickeningly familiar and predictable.
  3. It reminded me of silly stories my friends and I wrote when we were 13. Literally.
  4. It was boring. BORING. boringboringboring.
  5. I really couldn't get over how simple the book was. Nothing exciting or surprising happened and there was very little substance in each chapter. 
Really, it was quite horrible and I didn't even make it to the end. I knew it was bad when I was only on Chapter 5 and already skipping a paragraph or so each page. It makes me sad that she was paid to write this when there is obviously very little thought or creative power placed into it. There is so much more to a book then what she displayed. The fact that the dialogue consisted of 'like' in the center of sentences ("like, it's really annoying!") and literally switched from work, boys, party, work, shopping, going out; bored me to no end. I was disappointed, bored, and kind of disgusted. 

Lauren Conrad, I enjoyed you on The Hills, but I think you better stick to designing clothes and leave writing books to the real writers.


  1. Ha - I think this is the LEAST shocking bad review of the year. ;) How much of the book do you think she actually wrote herself? The biggest annoyance about this book: Because this book was published instead, a good, worthy novelist just got his/her rejection letter.

    I actually made fun of the book, too, over at my blog:

  2. I didn't/don't watch the hills. I was going to borrow this from my friend, but now i don't even think i'll do that. I can spend my time reading something with a little more substance.

  3. It's just disappointingly bad and really not worth the read because it's so utterly BORING.


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