Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holidays on Ice: SantaLand Diaires

Sick of the holidays and all of the grumpy people who seem to fill the stores? David Sedaris is and in a humorously sarcastic way highlights his woes of being a Macy's SantaLand elf for one holiday season.

With quick blurbs about the rudeness of customers, the creeps, the funny ones, the overly emotional ones, David Sedaris manages to embody all of the odd things people experience if they are involved in retail- especially during the holiday season.

The first short story in Sedaris' book Holidays on Ice it causes you to get in the exact mindset for his level of sarcasm and dark humor.

If ever you wanted a backstage look to SantaLand, this is the short story for you. If you enjoy dark humor and sarcasm, again this is for you. I read the story (and heard parts read on NPR) and laughed the entire time. I can relate to many of the stories he tells about nasty customers- people whom you can just not believe exist in this world. It'll put your entire shopping experience in a whole new light.

I think if I were to give a present to a friend who works retail or the Christmas/Santa circuit... it would be this. Misery loves company, eh? Well for those who hate their seasonal jobs they'd certainly find their company here.

I'll continue with future short posts about each of the short stories in the book Holidays on Ice.

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  1. i'm so glad you read sedaris!

    he slays me all the time. has me in tears from laughing so hard, mostly.

    i should be getting another one of his books in the mail soon. i'm excited =]


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