Saturday, November 28, 2009

If You Take a Mouse To School

I love these books!

I'm totally sorry, I do realize that I am a 23 year old adult and all... but I love these books! I can't up-sell them enough. I just think they're so adorable.

Really, give me any books that involve cute fuzzy animals that do cute little things and I'll love it but I cannot get enough of this little guy!

Much like If You Take A Mouse To The Movies we follow our fuzzy friend as he goes to school for the first time and the antics that ensue from that little trip. The illustrations are, once more, adorable and colorful and I enjoyed reading it.

I am totally going to read more of these books. The If You Give series is just far too cute. I might even buy them to keep around the house and I'm thinking of buying a couple for the little kids I know and love in my life.

So go to a library or book store and read them asap, because they're just too cute to pass up!

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