Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If You Take a Mouse To The Movies

Following the course of If You Give books and a Christmas filled follow up of the much loved If You Give a Mouse a Cookie this book is filled with adorable, bright pictures of the little mouse and his pal all while describe the adventure that ensues if you take a mouse to the movies.

This is definitely a bedtime story that is short and sweet with artwork to catch the imagination of a child but a story that isn't too long. It was enjoyable, even for me, who had never read the book before and decided to read it last night at the ripe old age of 23.

This little demanding mouse (who is just so cute!) is taken to the movies but if you take a mouse to the movies he'll obviously want some popcorn. And if he has some popcorn he'll want to string them together. If he strings them together then he'll want to put them on a Christmas tree! The continuing wants and needs of this little guy wraps you up and quickly takes you along. My personal favorite part of the story was looking at the artwork. If all mice were as cute as this, I wouldn't mind if we had one in the house!

If you have a little one who you will be buying for this holiday season I'd highly suggest taking a peek at this book. The version I had even had a 'workbook' of sorts in the back with fun activities for kids so it's double the pleasure!


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