Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is upon us. We might not have our holiday decorations out just yet but the volume of customers in my store are definitely proving the onslaught of holiday 'cheer' is near. People are snatching up Christmas gifts as quickly as they can with general surprise on my part.

And in my home life I've noticed the crease in my mothers forehead that she always gets when the holidays arrive. That stressed out 'what am I getting people for gifts' line. I provided her with a list of stuff I'd love for Christmas and every item on the list is a book title.

Call me a bookworm, I don't care.

But really, every year as I get older I don't want very much. I could sure go for some new clothes, I need new sweaters to last me through the cold wintery weather, but I hate having people buy me clothes because I am too long of a person to just fit into any such size. I need to actually try on all of my clothing before buying it (this makes online shopping impossible). What else could I use? $25,000 so I can pay off all my student loans? Well I don't suspect I'll be getting that wrapped up in a box. But really, what do I need? Nothing really. Just stuff to spoil and educate myself with... like books. Oh, and these owl bookends I discovered- but I'll be buying those for myself. Otherwise, I don't need anything.

So that leaves me wondering... what do you all want for your holiday gifts? I do mean gifts, not peace on earth- that goes without being said. What are you asking your loved ones to hand you this holiday season?

And as a public service announcement: Please be nice to your cashiers during this holiday season. We're people too and we hurt a little when you're mean to us.


  1. i solemnly swear to be nice to my cashiers!

    also...please link me to owl bookends?

    i have to try on all my clothes too =[ it's a pain.

  2. I'm asking for a few different things here and there. More specifically Vera Bradley, money for clothes (that way I can go and try stuff on too) and maybe a ticket to the Harry Potter exhibit =)

    I too will be nice to my cashiers, promise.

  3. I always seem to get clothes for Christmas! My birthday is in the same month, so December is a gift giving extravaganza for me! I really just want a UT Snuggie, a UT Microfleece and (500) Days of Summer. AND A NEW PAIR OF TOMS. Other than that, I think I'm good. As I get older, I don't really want things all that much anymore since I can just pay for them myself.

  4. Dude I totally know about the cashier thing! I work at the Disney Store in my mall and boy sometimes people are just crazy.....

    Mostly all I wanted this year was stuff for my future house and for my internship in January. (of course a few books and movies were included as well ;))

    Clothes shopping is the bane of my existence.....I hate it, I'm so disproportionate that I have to try on at least 3 different sizes of everything before I get the right one. So annoying!


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