Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good Omens

Neil Gaiman has proven to me already that he's a great writer and a really amusing tweeter (I follow his twitter, you should too!) So when co-workers suggested I read Good Omens I jumped on the chance. But let us not forget, this was a book not only written by Neil Gaiman but well known fantasy writer Terry Pratchett as well.

Let me first introduce to you the subject matter of this book. It's about the apocalypse. About the Anti-Christ who everyone thinks is this child called Warlock but indeed is a very normal 11 year-old boy named Adam. The Hell Hound meant to be under Adam's instructions turns into a cuddling, wiggling, puppy and an angel and demon both are dead set on not having the world end quite yet. Because, well, they're having a great time enjoying what the world has to offer.

The angel, Aziraphele, and demon (Crowley, formerly known as Crawley) are close enough friends (in a very backwards sort of way) that they decide to try and derail all plans of making the world end. How they'll do that, they'll figure it out.

While Adam is living a happy life of a child, unknowing of his great power and in turn creating some form of a fantasy world for himself, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse are forming with intentions of finding the Anti-Christ. But not only are the 'bad guys' hot on Adam's (blissfully ignorant) tail but so are the good guys in the form of a witch hunter and actual witch who join forces in the name of continuing life and keeping the world turning.

All of this surrounds occasional mentions of Agnes Nutter's prophecy book. A witch who was burned at the stake (and also prophesied her death right down to the minute. She didn't even forget to cancel her milk delivery beforehand) she has the exact day and time of when the world will end.

If you have a fair idea of what the apocalypse is meant to entail and a dry, sarcastic, and sometimes dark sense of humor this will be an amusing book for you. There were many moments where I caught myself laughing quietly to myself and receiving odd looks from those around me.

It took me awhile to read this book, simply because I was reading about 10 others at the same time, but once I sat down and focused just on this book alone I realized I wish I had done that very thing from day one. The fact that this book is written by two authors, both of which took one group of characters then traded them by the end of the novel, amazes me. I don't quite know if I could write a book with someone and manage to keep the same literary voices present and not leak in my own literary style. I feel if less-adequate writers did this project it wouldn't have been presented in one strong voice, it wouldn't have been written so perfectly.

It's an amusing book meant for fun and jabs. I feel it's not to be taken seriously but truly meant for enjoyment. I keep catching myself about to make references to it in every day life. It's stuck with me and I had a great time reading it.


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