Monday, November 23, 2009

Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas

Nancy, a fancy little girl who is displayed wearing sparkles and bright frilly clothes, is set for Christmas. This popular children's character has a list of other books but what was on the display during my break time was Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas. I had never read a Fancy Nancy book before and was interested in seeing why children and parents alike enjoyed it so much.

Silly me, the answer is so clear!

While Nancy's book pages are filled with bright colors, frills, flowers, and butterflies there is also an overlying layer of sparkles- that can attract anyone. But what I truly enjoyed was that each and every page in the book has some lesson for kids. What an educational book! Because Nancy is 'fancy' she uses fancy words. So each page, while she's telling her story, she'll say something using a 'big' word and then quickly explain what the word means. For children who are learning words these books could certainly open their minds to an advanced vocabulary.

My eldest cousin has two kids who both have a very advanced vocabulary for their age and it's hilarious to hear these words come out of their mouths- but also impressive. Anthony, the eldest of the two (at a ripe old age of 5) was quoted to say "I was disappointed. I would like a nap." after seeing an air show (at the age of 3). What 3 year old says that?! But it's impressive that they know 'big' words and how to use it. I think it will help them when their older and in school.

And here, Fancy Nancy creates a great way for little girls who are filled with the fascination of fancy girly things can also get an education while they're at it. I need to ask my cousin if his daughter has these books because otherwise I've discovered an excellent Christmas present for his daughter (who is 3). I'd suggest this for anyone who has a little girl in their lives. What's better then an entertaining and bright book that also educates?


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  1. i work at a daycare, and fancy nancy is one of my faves! [waaay better than "germs are not for sharing-lame]

    i love kid's books, and i think it's great that we can still read them!

    i've thought about your question from your last post, and here is my answer: if it has chapters, then yes, count it. if it doesn't have chapters and is just pictures and a few sentences per page...not so much. but that's just me!


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