Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blueberry Girl

I picked up the Blueberry Girl just after I retrieved it from the stock room. It's written by one of my favorite authors: Neil Gaiman and I had heard mention of some book by him called Blueberry Girl. Little did I know it was a childrens book and little did I know just how surprised I'd be when I read it.

I feel that this book is a perfect gift for a mother or daughter, something to give someone at a baby shower who is going to have a little girl, it's filled with beautiful pictures of mothers, daughters, and animals. I truly appreciated the artwork and thought that in itself was wonderful.

But the story, well calling it a 'prayer' might be more appropriate, is beautiful and well written. A wish for a child- a little girl- and that her life be filled with wonder. That she is strong and adventurous and the problems of the world do not hurt her. All wishes for a blueberry girl.

I feel Neil Gaiman eloquently points out all of the hopes and prayers a person will have for their daughter. What do you hope your child will experience? What do you pray they will possess in their lives? I feel this is placed perfectly in this lovely story.

Please watch the youtube video if you're interested in the actual story. It includes the artwork featured in the book and is read by Neil Gaiman himself. It's beautiful and I hope that one day, if I am lucky enough to have a child and it be a little girl, I will buy this book for her. My own prayers for my own blueberry girl.

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  1. LOVE IT! And I love the picture in your header! Did you take it??? Cuz it's awesome ;) I think I'm gonna have to go buy this Blueberry Girl book thanks for the review!


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