Thursday, November 12, 2009

Betsy In Spite of Herself

In this cute sixth book of the Betsy-Tacy series Betsy enters her sophomore year of high school and "the winding hall of fate". After a restful and happy summer Betsy goes back to school and discovers a new student, Phil, whose wealthy and has something exciting to talk about: an automobile! (Remember this book takes place before 1910).

With the new year Betsy gets to face an assortment of new adventures. She travels by herself out of state for the first time to visit one of her best friends Tib in Milwaukee. Her family gets to dine at the exotic Moorsih Cafe. And most exciting of all, Betsy has her first true beau- Phil, the wealthy newcomer.

But with dating Phil Betsy changes herself so that he will like her more. She's not her normal happy self and forsakes her beloved writing and time spent with her friends. When Phil see's Betsy's true personality shine through will he appreciate it or turn away?

Betsy is obviously growing up and treading through the emotions and events of a teenager and even more life changes approach as her beloved sister Julia graduates from High School.

Once more I was caught in the nostalgia of my own High School experiences. I am still amazed that a book written 100 years ago can be so truthful as to the ordeals girls face in this present day and age. I'm excited to pick up the next four books to the series!

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