Monday, October 19, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are- Movie

So I went to see Where the Wild Things Are on Friday for a date. Awesome date you say? I think so! Any guy who is willing to sit through a 'kids' movie wins points. Whether he's just a date or your husband, I give the guy points. This also applies to romances and girlie movies, generally anything they have no interest in.

None the less, the movie came out on Friday and I was excited for weeks (if you couldn't tell) to go and see it. My initial surprise of the movie started when I saw the audience at hand. It was as if the audience aged as the rows went from front to back. Down in front were an assortment of kids, all about 10 or so, then with each passing row the ages grew until you hit the back row where I and my date sat: both 23 years old and having a great time.

Max is adorable in the movie. The typical little kid who can be a little too rambunctious and yet full of imagination. He's somewhat lonely and you can see he loves and adores his mother (very, very cute!). I feel they did a great casting job for the part and the costume was spot on for Max's 'wolf' outfit.

The story-line followed the book but they did add other elements as time fillers. The thing that's great? It worked. It still felt very much like the story itself- just an extended version.
Is the movie for kids under the age of 10? I don't quite think so. Without giving the additional story-line away there was a seen that I found to be heightened in fear. If I were a little kid it would've scared me!

But the story was wonderful with many parallel issues that were in the Wild Things world and the real world. The music is fantastic- hands down. I'll totally buy this movie. I think it's great for people who are teenagers or older because we've grown up with the book (it's been out since the '60's ) so we can appreciate it. They didn't butcher another childhood memory as many people believed, they only made me realize that the childhood memory is still there and still very strong.

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