Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Very Scary Haunted House

In honor of the holiday I pulled out one of my favorite Hallowe'en books from my childhood. A Very Scary Haunted House was a short glow in the dark book that while the pages looked like one thing in light they looked much different once the lights were shut off.

Elinor Ghoul, the main character, adores visiting her Aunt Agatha's house, but her imagination gets away from her when she visits one week. Thumps and growls make Elinor's wild imagination believe that there are monsters in each of the rooms as she creeps up the stairs to the only lit room in the house: the bathroom.

When she comes into the bathroom she discovers a dragon and is relieved! It's just a normal night in the house with Aunt Agatha giving the pet dragon a bath.

Silly, cute, and short. A perfect holiday treat for any child. I recall reading the book by flashlight then shutting it off to catch the glow in the dark imagery. It would make a perfect present for any child during this celebration of the season.

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