Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vampire Academy

I appreciate that my friends will approach me and question my opinions of different books. It makes me feel not only knowledgeable but trusted by my friends for what thoughts I have. With that, for the past two years I've had a couple friends who have asked repeatedly what my opinion is of the Vampire Academy series.

I had no opinion, because I never read the books.

Now, I've seen the books on display for the past two years and I've tsk-tsked the books each time. A book called Vampire Academy? Are you kidding me? A book about a school of vampires who age like everyone else? Come on, give me a break. The flashy covers didn't win me over either so I ignored their general existence until I realized last week (when yet another friend asked of my opinion of this book) that I would never be able to express a real opinion if I never read the books. Maybe there was something there that I didn't know about seeing that so many people brought them up.

I took out the first book of the series, Vampire Academy, earlier this week when I knew I'd have a few days off. It didn't take me long to finish it and I was left feeling empty.

The characters are incredibly flat and have no depth. The main character, Rose, is the only one who has any sense of character. There could have been so much done for the characters Lissa and Demetri but they were left being only shadows of a person.

For the majority of the novel there would be hints of something 'dark' in Lissa's character and hints of some other things that happened in the past but you never find out what, at least not for a long while. It took chapters before I got enough information to understand what these people, vampires, whatever were exactly.

Lissa is a mortal vampire, she can go out in partial sun and eat like a human. She's born and grows up. However, she still has some level of fangs and needs blood. Rose is a guardian in training to the mortal vampires. Somehow, these mortal vampires ended up being incredibly weak. They're pathetic creatures that are nothing like what you know of when it comes to vampires. Rose has more power and stamina than the vampires she guards and seems more like the classic idea of a vampire herself then the mortal ones do.

Rose isn't sweet and kind in anyway, aside from the love she has for Lissa, and that was a hang up for me to really like her. I probably would've enjoyed Lissa's character more if she didn't come across so weak and she had more character traits.

The story took over 200 pages for a real plot to develop and finally when it did the plot came and went and the story was over with. The first 200 pages were filled with fillers of Rose being a rebel and popularity contests. The idea of vampires seemed to come last place to all the high school drama that was going on. I've been through High School and finished it five years ago, if I wanted to go back to High School and deal with all of the ridiculous bothers of it I could go visit.

Seeing that I spent countless filler pages until I got to any real action I finished the book feeling very disappointed. After all the talk of the book I had thought it would be better then I had expected, instead it was much worse. I had originally taken out the first two books of the series but... to be honest I have no interest in even continuing with the series. For this time around, I feel that I'll be better off reading through other peoples reviews and getting my information based off of that. I have much more entertaining books I could be reading.


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