Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Show me your Shelves.

A house without books is like a room without windows
-Horace Mann

I am a self diagnosed book snob. I weigh my opinions heavily on people based on whether they do or do not read and what they like. I also really adore bookshelves. It's my thing, really, to get multiple bookshelves and put all the books I have read- or will read- on display. It's like proof that I am a bookworm, that I have seen many places an
d met many people without even leaving my house, that I am educated in many ways.

I think that bookshelves say so much about a person so I implore you all to show me photos of your own bookshelves, or where ever you keep your books. But first, let's dive into my own.

The Spare Bedroom
Every birthday and Christmas, as a child, I would be given a porcelain doll. I've kept them all and cherish them as my special gifts from my grandparents and mom. I also have a few other odds and ends that are collectibles. I tend to stick those in front of my books on bookshelves. The majority of the books on this shelf are all my mothers books from when she was a child and my own childhood books.

My grandfather built this bookshelf and it will likely follow me where ever I go. These are all of my books, random series, yearbooks, and study guides. The top of the bookshelf is filled with photo albums. I love capturing as much of my life as I can in pictures.

This shelf is my parents shelf through and through. Photo albums, card collections, random books my father and mother have collected. They are not as big of readers as myself but it is what it is. Next to the bookshelf is my beloved Kirsten doll from American Girls in her summer outfit. She has one for each season that I change her into. It might sound silly but that doll was my best friend when I was a kid.

My Bedroom Bookshelves
I have an organizational madness to my bookshelves in my room. The bottom shelf are my informative books. The next two shelves up are my classics, the shelf after that is my collection of Anne Rice books and the top shelf is my collection of 'magical' books. Of course, pictures adorn the rest of the space plus a candle I made each year I was in college during the Spring Fever week my school had. The Red, black, yellow, and blue ropes hanging from the left corner are my graduation ropes representing different things and there is a name badge stating I was an alumni from my homecoming festivities this past weekend!
My other bookshelf in my room is still a work in progress. Bottom shelf is Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.... next shelf is 'real life' type of stories... the following are miscalaneous books... the following have my few Marine Corps books (or books by Marines) and the top shelf is just going to sit and look pretty until it's time comes to be filled.

My family and friends are taking bets on how quickly that time will come. When I started working at Waldenbooks last winter I was only there for three months when the store closed and yet had to buy a new bookshelf to fit all of the books I had bought. In the month that I've been at the new bookstore I've already filled a shelf with books and keep purchasing more. Hopefully my family will hear my cries and buy me gift cards for my store for Christmas then I can buy even more.

I still have a ridiculous amount of books on those shelves I have never read. A sensible person would just read the books they have before purchasing more, but I've never said I'm sensible. =)


  1. i only have one, 5-shelf case that is stuffed to the max. if only, if only, i had room!

    i totally think you should read the hunger games if you haven't already!

  2. ler us not be sensible, that is a good beginning


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