Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Mouse Mess

Diving into my childhood bookshelf I pulled out an assortment of books that I cherished as a child but don't quite recall. Looking through them were as nostalgic as looking through photos of my childhood. I could recall how much adored certain books and different photos and how I decided just two years ago that I didn't want to throw these childhood memories out but pack them up and move them from New York to Pennsylvania.

Other books weren't so lucky. Some of my childhood books didn't hold many memories for me and I opted to donate them to the library I used to work at. But the ones I kept, these are the special ones.

A Mouse Mess is a cute little book with a lesson of responsibility. Sweetie, the baby mouse of the family, is left alone when her older Brother and Sister decide they'd rather play then watch their younger siblings. Due to their lack of responsibility Sweetie destroys the kitchen in her determined attempt to get a hold of the basket of cookies.

The artwork is bright and fun with a rainbow of colors and details of the little mouse families world. I recall craving the jam that is all over the kitchen (courtesy of Sweetie) and although it was simply a little story to me as a child I now see the hidden message.

Brother and Sister decide not to follow instructions from their parents and chaos ensues. They initially say that Sweetie was the one who broke the cups, destroyed the kitchen, and ate the cookies. That it was her fault but her parents are quick to point out it's their fault. Had they listened to instructions this would not have occurred. A subtle way to tell children to listen to their parents because they know best.

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