Monday, October 26, 2009

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Where A Living Nightmare had left us The Vampire's Assistant picks up. After a brief chapter summing up what had occurred in the previous book we're left with what Darren has been up to since his mortal death.

Still fighting with the facts of his life Darren appears at the start of the book unhappy and not adjusting to the vampire lifestyle very well. Still refusing human blood and missing his family and friends Mr. Crepsley decides to take Darren back to the Cirque du Freak so that he may bond with other 'freaks' such as himself and potentially have friends.

While there he does indeed become friends with the snake boy Evra and becomes more familiar with all of the freaks that were presented in the Cirque du Freak show he saw in the first book. So now, instead of marveling at them from a far and seeing them as simply entertainers, Darren introduces the freaks as real characters for the book.

There is more action and the book is a little bit darker than the previous one. An easy read that's quick to get through and is perfect for this time of year with Halloween on the horizon. The adventure is there and gives room for more in the upcoming books. While they're not really of my own taste, I cannot deny the splendor the series has. I'd definitely suggest this to people who are looking for a fun, adventurous, supernatural series to pick up.

It's pleasant to see that this second book was better than the first. Now that all the introductions are out of the way and the setting has been made (all which happened in the first book) the second has room for actual action.

I am a firm believer that these would be great vampire books for young teens, specifically boys. Right now many of the vampire books that are on the market are driven towards girls and it's refreshing to have a series (although out for a couple of years already) that is meant for boys but are still enjoyable to people of any age or gender.


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