Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare

With the upcoming film The Vampire's Assistant quickly approaching opening day (Friday) I thought I should have a taste of the books it originated from. Whether or not I see the movie is a completely other subject but the book, now the book is something you can sink your teeth into.

Cirque due Freak is a series of over 10 different stories that are relatively short reads. The first book in the series is A Living Nightmare and was surprisingly enjoyable. I wasn't exactly sure if I would like it or not, especially with so many vampire books being broad casted, but A Living Nightmare was published in early 2000 and I am the one whose a bit delayed in catching onto these books.

The book is split up into very short chapters and if you're like me, I enjoyed feeling the accomplishment of quickly getting through a chapter. The language was easy and stuck to the dialogue that a teenager would use (the main character, Darren, is a teen in High School). It wasn't a brain scratcher and quick to the point.

Moving on into the plot line...

Darren and his best friend Steve go to see the Cirque du Freaks- a freak show that was showing in their town- and see an assortment of different beings perform a list of hard to believe acts. From a snake boy to a real bearded woman the friends are glued to the entertainment.

But Darren, with an obsession for spiders, is attracted to one of the freaks for his poisonous arachnid. Lead by a surge of greed Darren steals the spider and tries to train her. When the spider attacks Steve and poisons him Darren only has one option: to find the 'freak', who just so happens to be a vampire, and beg for his help to safe Steve's life.

Saving Steve's life doesn't come without consequences. In exchange for the life saving serum Darren has to give up his own life to become the assistant to the vampire.

Leaving his loving family behind and making enemies in places he never thought he would, Darren's world turns upside down.

The book ends rather abruptly leaving you wonder, what happens next? A great way to hook the reader into grabbing a-hold of the next book. While this book was somewhat of a set up for the new life Darren will lead it gives barely any suggestion as to how it might turn out.

The following book to this is titled The Vampire Assistant. Another relatively short book that will hopefully be just as entertaining as the first in the series.


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