Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Book Store Pet Peeves

It's cold and rainy. My mother and I are feeling under the weather with sniffles and coughs. Blame it on the rain if you will but I've been in quite the cranky mood today and I decided to express some of my pet peeves with working in a bookstore.

1) Plastic Bags.
Just because you've made a purchase does not mean you need to have a bag. Seriously. Plastic bags are a danger to the environment (hello poor little animals being trapped in them) and such a waste. Unless you are about to take that plastic bag and use it for other things around the house, don't grab it, please! The only two reason I can understand someone getting a plastic bag is 1) if it's raining- RAINING- not drizzling. 2) If you have more than two items.

Really it's a pet peeve of mine when someone will buy a book light, bookmark, or a small book and ask for a bag. We only have big bags too so it really feels like a waste.

2) Rude Customers

This goes across the board. I know anyone whose worked with the public has dealt with less then pleasant people but it drives me mad. This weekend I had a mediocre annoying customer, our conversation went as follows:
Me: Hello, how are you today?
Man: CASH. *throws the book on the table*
Me: Oh, uh... did you find everything you were looking for?
Man: *waves a twenty in my face*
Me: *I take the twenty and ring him up* Would you like a...
Man: *has his hand sticking in my face waiting for the book to be placed in it*

Come on people, be nice! I understand if you go to a store and have an employee who is acting like a snob and you get annoyed but if the employee is trying to be nice, try to be nice back. Believe me, I can tell when people are rushing and I try to keep conversation short, but no need to be rude.

3. "You're my slave" Customers:
Customers who come in and know the book title, know the author, know where the book is located, then ask you to get the book off the shelf. When it's eye level. If you know where the book is and you can reach it yourself, grab it! There are always customers who are looking for a book and are completely lost, they're the ones who deserve to be helped, not the people who expect you to obey every wish.

4. Angry Customers:
Now this all depends, if someone has treated you wrong then I can understand anger. But if you are mad at the company and the companies policies please don't take it out on me. I have no say in what the company decides and I can't control any of their decisions. I am sorry they have upset you, but really, don't attack the cashier or greeter, ask for a manager and discuss it with them. They might be able to help you further and they might even have the phone number you might need to get a hold of the company themselves!

But I can't let this be only a cranky pet-peeve filled post. There are a lot of awesome aspects out there, such as follows!

1. Adorable kids:
When little kids come up to me and ask me politely, or shyly, for a book, I melt. When they make their first purchases, their first experiences with money, I melt. When they're talkative and tell me whole stories about how they like trains or American Girl dolls, I melt. Cute happy babies? Little kids dressed in their halloween costumes? All awesome.

2. Nice people:
Sometimes people surprise me, I'll help them and they will repeatedly thank me. Some will give you a hug or even a kiss. I don't think I deserve to be thanked so much but I appreciate it none the less and think that these people are pretty much awesome and have the right mindset for the world.

3. Helpful people:
People who help other customers, people who put their books away after looking at them, people who hold doors open for others, it's all so nice no matter where the customers are.

4. Finding people who have the same enjoyments as myself:
I adore getting to talk to people about books I love. I feel like I'm doing something right if I can stand with a person I don't know and talk forever about something that was written ten years ago. It's great.

5. Getting people interested in books they never knew existed:
Seeing their eyes brighten and watching them purchase the book I suggested makes me, once more, feel like I'm doing something right. The only worry I have is that I hope I did the book justice and they will indeed enjoy it.


  1. i worked at a grocery store. rude customers...sheesh. i pretty much gave you one chance to be friendly to me. if you threw your valuecard in my face, that was about it.

    adorable kids? i work at a daycare. the other day a mom came to pick up her daughter, and her younger son [1, maybe] was dressed a duck. cutest.ever.

  2. I totally agree!!! Those are the worst. I worked at a party supply and rental store in high school and was a "nighttime manager" because it was just us high school girls and no boss, so people thought they could treat us like crap allllll the time. It was horrible!

    The only reason I stayed was that it was entertaining making fun of everything with my friends who also worked there. =] =] =]


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