Monday, October 5, 2009

Book of the Month

Readers! I need your help.

This will be a test run, if it goes over well then I'll keep up with it, if not the I'll let it go. But the idea is this: You all suggest to me a book that I MUST read. Something that you claim could change my life or you think it's just simply that good. Something that you would suggest a complete stranger because you loved it so much.

That's what I want from you all, to suggest to me this book. I'll look over all the responses (if I get any) and with that try to pick a book to read. I'll read it then at the start of the following month (November) I'll post a review on it and you- the reader whose book I pick- will (if you so please) write up your reasons as to why I should read the book and how you feel about it and I'll post that along with my review!

So please, if this interests any of you list books that you think I should read in the comments to this entry!!! I'll keep asking for the next two weeks and then cut it off so I can get the book I pick and have time to read it. So ready, set, GO!!!!

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  1. I have to suggest The Hunger Games. I had heard so many good things about it and I loved it! I've only read it once, but look forward to reading it again. The main character faces such a major struggle, you stay with her through it all. It also has it's sequel Catching Fire and a third book in the works. It's a book worth checking out to see how you like it even if it's not featured =)


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