Sunday, October 11, 2009

American Girl Kirsten Set To Retire

American Girl will be retiring it's second historical (and oldest) dolls this year, Kirsten the Swedish pioneer doll and moving her into the American Girls archive. Last year Samantha, the 1904 era doll (and again, one of the oldest of the doll series) retired.

This has particular pulling of my heart strings since Kirsten is very much my doll. All of the granddaughters in my family had a chance to choose an American Girl doll. At that time there were only three to choose from, Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly. When my youngest cousin got old enough to choose Felicity had been added to the mix and she ended up being the only one with a Felicity doll. For the rest of us it was a toss up between Samantha and Kirsten (poor Molly, none of us wanted her).

I have no qualms in saying that Kirsten was my best friend as a child. I used to go on countless adventures with her. I recall a summer day where it was cloudy with a threat of storms and I had laid out my beach towel under our maple trees and pretended we (Kirsten and I) were going fishing. Right along with her little fishing pole and the fake fish that went with it.

I own the outfits from all of the books for Kirsten plus a number of little knick-nacks that go with it all. I always wanted her dresses for me to wear, but that never happened.

Despite that I am quite upset over the loss of Kristen, which equals a lost chance for my unborn children to play with their very own Kirsten dolls, I am glad to say her books will remain in circulation.

I still own my doll and her supplies and I think I'll care for her a little bit more now that I know she's a character that no one can readily get anymore. So, goodbye Kirsten. You've brought so much fun to my life.


  1. Oh my goodness! Kirsten was my first American Girl doll. I got her when I was 7 or 8. I too had so many great times with her. She actually isn't doing well right now because I played with her so often. I think due to her retirement, I should send her to the doll hospital.
    I'm going to cherish the time I had with her even more now too!

  2. This is sad news. I LOVED American Girls. I would look forward to when the catalog would come in the mail. I'd sit down and circle all the things I wanted from it. I never got a doll, but I did have the books and paper dolls.

  3. i have felicity. but i look like kirsten. i don't know how i feel about all this retiring dolls business. don't future generations of children deserve a representative from every era and class? seems like they're moving toward modernizing every time i see a new catalog.

    ps: am loving "this is halloween" playing on your blog!


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