Monday, September 14, 2009

The Vampire Diaries: The Return- Nightfall

First off, thanks for all the well wishes and everything for me and my new job. Working at the bookstore is fantastic although I'm already having anxiety at the idea of Christmas! But it's fun, wonderful, and quickly becoming a 'favorite job ever' job. :)

Because of work I was able to grab The Vampire Diaries newest installment The Return: Nightfall. I am assuming that TVD's are going to have a new sub series of "The Return" because as I ended the book, with it's nice little cliff hanger, it said that there will be another book coming out February 2010, Shadow Souls.

I didn't quite like this book as much as the previous ones. I feel as if the book The Fury could have been a good end to the series but since the following book, Dark Reunion, brought all of the characters to the forefront again it might as well just keep going. And this book, certainly, left room for more to read since it ended with all of the characters going in different directions.

Half of the book had no Stefan. This made me sad because I enjoy his character. Damon, instead, was all over the book and half of the time he was possessed and a general jerk. Some scenes were even borderline uncomfortable for me with the way Damon was acting.

I give props to LJ Smith for including such a creative idea of 'fox spirits' and their general power and control. It's definitely a twist that most vampire literature today does not include. Generally it's creepy ghosts and angry vampires with a few grumbly werewolves thrown in but this was a whole new spin on the supernatural.

The start of the book was kind of... tiring? Elena, oh the princess, the high and mighty, the one everyone loves. All right. Let's get this straight. I lived in a small town. There was no one in our town who was as 'loved' as Elena. No one who was as obsessed over. The lengths LJ Smith goes to make Elena seem so beloved and then so special is kind of boring. I enjoy Elena better when she's more focused on herself and her friends and not how everyone loves her and can't resist her. The fact that the start of the book she's more or less an 'angel' makes this annoyance of mine grow even more. Really, no one can be either that lucky or that perfect. Anyway, moving along.

I really grew to like the character Bonnie in this book and I always enjoy Meredith. I grew torn between relationships though. Bonnie seems so cute with Matt (or Mutt as Damon likes to call him, I do have to say I was laughing at the ongoing jokes Damon was having with remembering Matt's name) and I almost want Bonnie and Matt to get together. But then Damon, clever and sly Damon, sees that Bonnie is hurt and rushes to her rescue. He becomes this soft being with actual feelings and it's great to see that change in such a tough character. So then I'm left thinking, well Damon and Bonnie should be together. And yet all along Bonnie feels like no one loves her!

But really. I felt like taking a picture of my cat with his head buried in the book (sleeping, of course) and writing a lolcat caption of NEEDS MOAR STEFAN!1! because I really wanted more of his character. I also would appreciate if Elena was a vampire again.

As mentioned previously, the book leaves you hanging. So of course I'll be reading the new installment when it comes out in five months.


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