Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Comedy of Errors + two personal notes

1. Happy September everyone!
I know a lot of the High Schools in my area started school last week and that my old High School in New York doesn't start until next. But despite that, there are an even greater number of people who started classes this week. Well... no matter when you start classes, whether they be for High School or college, good luck! I miss school so much!!!

2. The Comedy of Errors
This pertains to part of my goal of reading all of Shakespeares plays. I own one of those massive books that hurt your arms to carry because they contain all of Shakespeare's work so every fall I try to read one or two plays. I decided to start off from the very beginning of the book and this was the first play.

The Comedy of Errors is the only Comedy by Shakespeare that has 'comedy' in the title. The play itself is, I feel, short and it's a small cast but makes for all the quicker of a read. Well, almost. The play is full of twins! Two sets, actually. And that's where the comedy of errors occurs, one twin owns a slave whose a twin to another slave owned by the other twin. Got that? If not, that's okay! As you have probably already figured out there is a lot of confusion as to who is who and men running after women plus the threat of execution, well, maybe. Unfortunately I have never, in my life, seen a Shakespeare play performed. Read his work, seen the films, but never have I actually seen a performance of any of his plays. I hope one day I can and I would think that this play would be actually very funny to see performed!

If you're testing your feet with Shakespeare and want something short and sweet and to the point then I direct you to this. I enjoyed it!

3. Hiatus...?
I am waiting on word of when my training for my job will begin. It should begin this week or next so if I happen to disappear for a number of days don't stop following me or worry! I'm just trying to prepare for my post-new-job days.

Where I'll be working is 45 minutes away in one of the 'cities' of this area. All in all it equals out to an hour and a half commute- total- each day I go to work. The stress of driving my car (which narrowly avoided killing a mother and baby deer today, scariest moment for me in months) is kind of high because at the moment the car is in the shop having yet another issue fixed. Yes, after the near deer massacre my car decided to overheat, three times, steam and die on my drive home from picking up stuff today. It turns out some hose in the engine decided to disconnect entirely. Good times.

Anyway, enough on my car, I just know that the new schedule and commute will probably throw me for a loop and I'll have very little reading time at first. But let me tell you, when I get back and am in the full swing of reading mode this blog will surely burst!

Did I mention my new job is that of a book seller? Yes, that's right. That means I'll be able to get my hands on just released books more often to comment on for your future reading pleasure!

So have a great start to September boys and girls! Happy reading, good luck with school (or work, or whatever you might do) and I shall see you around!


  1. i went back to school, so thanks! i'll try to enjoy it some for you =]

    good luck with your awesome job!

  2. Hiii,

    So, since getting immersed in the world of book blogging (which is terribly addicting), I've met a lot of different bloggers. Someone super nice gave me 2 awards, and I get to pass them along.

    Since you are very much the first blog friend I've made on here, naturally you should receive them. (:

    You can pick them up at my blog and post them on yours, if you like.

  3. Hey!

    I'm at work, and I wont get off until latelate tonight. I dont have the website I used here on my phone, but when I get home I'll send it to you. It was really easy!

    Send it to you in a bit!

  4. Congrats on your job. I thought you might be interested in my most recent post. I'm excited about starting my first book club and thought you and your followers might be interested in joining in.



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