Monday, September 28, 2009

Banned Books Week: The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

The first book (out of three) is listed at 55 out of 100 on the American Library Association's top 100 books that are most challenged.

Written by Anne Rice (author of the greats like Interview with the Vampire and The Witching Hour) under the pseudonym of A. N. Roquelaure this series of three books (The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty's Punishment, and Beauty's Release) are a set of erotic novels loosely based on the legend of Sleeping Beauty.

Now I can immediately see why people would want this book banned, although I feel that no books should ever be banned, because they dive into an assortment of subjects that most people don't necessarily talk about with... well... anyone. I think this is a matter of picking what you chose to read and ignoring all other subjects. If this is something that might make you uncomfortable, ignore it, but other then that this is freedom of speech and the press so I still stand beside my opinion that no books should be banned.

Moving along!

The series have imagery of bisexuality, bestiality, ephebophilia, and graphic sex scene after graphic sex scene they are not books for the weak at heart.

I've read all three books and although they are not exactly my idea of a 'fun' or 'entertaining' read I will never step aside from saying that Anne Rice is a fantastic writer. She describes scenes and people beautifully and can truly bring a moment in her books into your very life so that you feel you are there being a part of the scene.

With these books I even felt a little uncomfortable feeling so 'included' in the scenes. They aren't books I'll probably ever read again simply because they are not books of my taste. Looking at the books in a sense of word choice, grammar, scene description- it's a great book. Then on the other hand, looking at the books based on subject matter, they aren't books I'm comfortable with.

These are certainly books that you have to begin reading with a very open mind. There are no barriers within the Sleeping Beauty world and everything that could be seen as shock worthy is displayed with no effort.

Seeing that this blog is public and any person of any age can stumble upon it, do understand why I am not diving into the exact details of what goes on in the stories. In this way I am falling into censorship myself. But I feel there is a difference between removing access to a book completely and choosing to talk or not to talk about what a book contains. It's kind of like religion and politics, no one is saying to believe in religion or support politics but actually discussing it can be a dangerous idea due to people's strong opinions and emotions. Let the books be available, let people read them, I wouldn't put this book anywhere other then an adult fiction section (Or a section labeled for erotica and/or sex). But, all I can say is if anyone is interested or curious, look up your information on the series and decide on your own if it's something you would enjoy reading!


  1. Thank you for censoring to an extent ;)

    Really means a lot ;)

  2. I looked into more opinions on these books and now I'm kind of interested and would maybe like to read them... the content makes me a little nervous though. Haha. I've said this before but thanks for these reviews! I love them!


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