Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Vampire Diaries: The Fury


This book starts off exactly where the second book had ended. Elena, the fair haired ice queen of the story, is now changed. She's just the same as Stefan and Damon and immediately shows hatred to her beloved Stefan and actually tries to kill him.

This in itself was a shock to me when I began the book. I didn't know exactly what to make of it because I truly enjoyed Elena and Stefan as a couple.

Just as quickly as Elena became a vampire the other characters grow and change too. Elena's mortal friends believe she's dead, Damon shows a softer more caring side, and Stefan seems more quiet. He is the one out of the group that doesn't seem to entirely change.

We're quickly brought into the confusion and business of Elena's new life and her attempts to contact her mortal friends. They realize with great horror that Damon wasn't the evil that was disrupting the town before. He wasn't the one who was murdering and confusing so many people. And they also realize that this evil is still out there and still attempting to cause destruction.

Quickly the group of friends, vampires included, all join forces once more and this time with determination to discover whatever it might be that is causing the town to turn upside down. They quickly discover who they can and cannot trust. Working together as a team, however, the group finally makes the discovery of who it is that has caused this destruction.

And the surprise shocks all. Including myself.

Following that the book hops from points of view and two different scenes. Damon surprises yet again and one of our three favorite vampires meets his or her fate. The book ends with Bonnie's point of view as she takes up writing in a journal much like Elena used to do. It almost seems complete. Very easily this could have been the last of the series. But I felt as if there was something lingering, something that was missing, I wanted to know more about what was happening to the characters after the last page was turned.

I feel that LJ Smith must have felt the same way because she continued on with a fourth book whose review will be up next.

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  1. I was so surprised by the ending of this book. I couldn't believe what happened. I've just started Dark Reunion and I'm interested to see what will happen in this.


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