Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening

I became curious with this series after the CW displayed their first ever 'teaser trailer' for the tv show (seen below) and there were outcries of a rip-off of Twilight. First off, Twilight was released in the year 2005.... The Vampire Diaries were released in 1991, fourteen years before Twilight was released and nearly twenty years ago from today! So for those who are saying The Vampire Diaries are ripping off Twilight they are very wrong. If there was any ripping off going on (which I am not saying there is) it would have been the other way around. Now that this little controversy is cleared let's move along to the opinionated portion of this post.

***Mild Spoiler Warning!***
Now I was introduced to The Vampire Diaries because of the CW trailer and have that first impression when I dove into the first book. However, after reading this first book I can already tell by the (only) 5 minute long trailer that the show, it's sub plots, and the characters are going to be completely different from the novel. But that's something I'll write about when I've actually seen the first episode of the series. Moving along...

This is has a classic type of plot. A love triangle. Two guys loving the same girl, whose gonna get the girl? Only this scenario is different because the two guys are vampires. But is it so different? Vampires have been in the main stream for years. This current phase of vampire lovers is nothing new because they were very popular back in the 90's and even before that. And many times the plots of books, tv shows, and movies turn to the basic idea of this helpless little mortal girl who is so breakable and clutzy falling in love with a dark and dashing vampire man.

What I do enjoy about this book is that unlike the majority of these types Elena (the breakable mortal girl) isn't a clutz. She makes a few stupid mistakes and does silly things like most high school girls would do but she doesn't seem to trip over nothing and find herself continuously in unlucky situations. She's also very headstrong, determined, and not entirely likeable. She's not the quiet girl who isn't seeking attention from anyone. She's not that girl who is being treated poorly by the popular kids. Oh no, she is the popular kid. Actually, the 'queen', so to speak, of her high school. She hops from guy to guy and admits she has never had one turn her down. The very idea is unfathomable. People who are overly confident tend to annoy me very quickly and Elena is one of them. But in what is needed in most books there is character development in which Elena slowly moves away from just stalking her pray (no pun intended) to get her way but she becomes someone who is more caring and loving.

The vampires in question are Stefan, Damon, and in memories Katherine. I cannot tell you how many movies and books I've read where the angry 'evil' characters name is Damon or Damian. It's getting old and unoriginal now. Just sayin'.

And of course Stefan is the brooding emo vampire who is just trying to find a way to deal with his existence, etc etc. Another 'vampire' character I've read and seen over and over again. And yet, there is something different about Stefan. He seems slightly human, at least in his emotions and some of his actions, and when it comes to the point of view breaking away from Elena and turning to him you see he isn't as completely tortured as he looks from an outsiders prospective. I like that, I like that there is a clear difference between what the other characters see of Stefan and how he acts and thinks from his own pov.

I read the book in one night, it was just what I was looking for. Something entertaining, not hard to read, quick and easy and left me wanting more.

With the television show coming out I'm sure that these books are going to become very popular if they are not becoming that already. I was able to buy the first and second book all in one hefty collection. I appreciate buying two books all in one, it's like a goal of mine. At Barnes and Noble it was only $9.99 plus tax. There are more to the series and I have a feeling that after I read the next book- The Struggle- I'll want to know what happens next. Well then I'll be off to the bookstore again!

One last thing... Twilight is a lot like this book in that there is a leading male vampire who is trying to play human. He is trying to live off of animals. He is trying not to hurt people. And he's desperately in love with a mortal girl. But I feel that this book isn't as romantic as Twilight is. I feel that the adventure of it all quickly takes place and moves along, there aren't even too many scenes where the lovers are together, unlike Twilight. They are different books and yet almost one in the same which gives me reason to believe that if you liked Twilight you will also enjoy these books.

Happy reading!


  1. It's funny that you post this today. I'm on my way up to B&N very soon to buy this book. I saw the show's teaser the other day and I thought it looked really good! I can't wait to get started on it now!!

  2. I'm very excited for the show to although I've already prepared myself for disappointment (that it will be nothing like the book).

    I just finished reading the second book and intend on buying the third and fourth tomorrow!

  3. I started The Struggle yesterday. I like having the two books together so I can go right along. I thought The Awakening was pretty good. It definitely is a lot different from Twilight even though there are a few similarities. I'm waiting to read your other posts on this series so I'm not spoiled on the rest of the story. That's the one thing about this series, it keeps me reading to find out more! And the show is going to be different, but what can you do =/

  4. hmmm...I need to look into these books.


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