Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson

I haven't much to say about Emily Dickinson and her poems... only that I feel she stands out as a great poet and also as one of the most famous authors (and female authors) of America.

Her poems are beautiful and eloquent and have existed for so many years that I doubt they will ever be forgotten. Reading her poetry was a joy and something I did on occasion when the mood felt right. I would pick up the book, open to the page I was on, and read a page of poems before setting it back on my hope chest.

With that I am going to share with you a friends blog. She and I are mutual friends on my private journal over on livejournal and she started this site a few months back. Her goal was to pair a photo (which she herself took) with a poem by Emily each day.

If you aren't exactly into poetry I still say you take a look to simply see glimmers of her life in photographic form! I love her pictures.

Check it all out here. And if you really like the site and want to follow it, say that I sent you!

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