Sunday, August 9, 2009

A question for my readers

The default photo of myself was taken nearly two years ago by an awesome professor at my college. He does a lot of work in capturing the faces of Albright College's students and special moments on campus. His work is awesome. I implore you all to go view his many photos here:

Moving along. He does photo shoots on campus every Tuesday and Thursday during the school year and within three measly little weeks the new year of classes at Albright will begin. This means his photo shoots will also be back in full swing and I was thinking... I want to get some photos done of myself and books.

Books have always been a great part of my life followed closely by painting and drawing. I also think having a default photo of myself on here having to do with books would be kind of appropriate, no?

So here is the question I need answered and please, dear friends, help me out!

If I were to get photos with books, what should I do with said books? What should the poses be? The lovely thing about this professor is that he's totally okay with you coming forth with ideas. Also, what type of clothes should I wear in such a thing? Comfortable, dressy, jeans and a nice top?

You tell me!
(and thank you in advance!)


  1. mayhap you could stack them up around you. or prop your elbows up on one or two. ...or something. [i'm not exactly the most creative person ever]

    i would think jeans with a really awesome top. and i'm a big fan of going barefoot, but that would be up to you [obviously].

  2. I agree, jeans and a nice top would be a nice picture.

    With the books you could do anything. Sit on the floor and stack a bunch around you, while you are reading one. Or you could just simply be reading one. I'm not too creative either =/

    There's 3 weeks until I head back to school also! I can't believe it, this summer has flown by!

  3. Thank you guys! I was thinking along the lines of the same things. :) So at least it's something not totally off the wall. Of course, if this ever comes to be (I have a tendency of planning something- then it never happens) I'll be having the pictures posted on here.

    Have fun at school! I'm jealous. I miss college incredibly and wish I could go back.


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