Friday, August 28, 2009

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

The hype for this book... is huge.

Everyone is talking about how creative and clever it is. How hilariously funny. Oh you must read this book, it's the newest cool thing to do, it's definitely something you should pick up. Forget Pride and Prejudice. That's so old and boring. Let's read this book because it's all anyone has talked about and look at the cover! There is a cool half decayed evil looking Austen era lady on it!

I did not like this book. For weeks I tried to read it. For weeks I tried to find the absolute humor in it. For weeks I tried to see how this was such a creative endeavor and for weeks I tried to get into the minds of those who thought it was just so cool. Nothing worked. I tried and tried and it just didn't catch on.

It's pretty rare that I get a book and don't read it straight through and with ease. This book fell into the rarity column.

I felt the author came across incredibly cocky in just his author biography alone. Jane Austen, a world renown author whose written beautiful stories that are loved even still, years after her death. And he Seth Grahame-Smith who just happened to take one class in Literature. Just think, you too can destroy a beloved piece of literature with little to no education in Literature!

The quirky drawings in the book, the constant talk about zombies and ninja training, it all left me feeling as if I were reading a book that was meant to actually be the script for a D-rated horror film.

I don't feel much creativity or thought goes into taking a book which has already been written and tweeking it to fit in different characters that boys tend to fan over. I think much of the hype of this book is based off of gossip and 'what's popular'.

Maybe I'm just a cranky English major. Maybe I have some hidden grudge against Grahame-Smith. But I really disliked this book. I would've rather been eaten by a zombie then continue reading it. Apparently he is writing two other books now: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I do not intend on reading either.


  1. THANK YOU for this review because it saved me 14 dollars on buying the book.

    I have heard the incessant hype too, and it worked because I was going to buy it. But I trust you. So I think I would hate it as well.

  2. Ugh, I haven't read it, but I just don't see how people would want to. I'd rather he just leave Jane Austen's books alone, they're perfect just by themselves. Making them into science fiction novels just totally means that this author can't come up with anything extraordinary on his own.

  3. *sigh* I had really hoped you would like it, because I adored it.

    Mind you, I do not favor it over Austen, but I was able to find enjoyment and humor out of it.

    That *might* be because my father and brother were both zombie fans, and I kind of got sucked into it, too.

    Everything you hated about it, I loved, lol! I especially loved his little bio on the back.

    Oooh, well, to each his own!


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