Thursday, June 11, 2009


Two posts in one day! Shocker!

Figured I'd pop back in here to promote this great site which I hope I'm not the only one who just heard of it. It's which is apart of ebay and it is AWESOME! 

I bought the following books from this website during the course of the weekend and I received the first book in the mail. The prices of each book are listed underneath:




Basically I came out spending more money on shipping and handling then I did on the books. And yet, despite that I bought three books the total price (including S&H) came out to what's the normal price of just one book at any book store!

I totally intend, from now on, to buy every book I am interested in from this website unless I see that it will be cheaper for me to travel to the local bookstore. The first book I got came in beautiful condition, you can't even tell that it's used, and I can't wait to buy more from the website. The website also features cds and dvds! So go use this website instead of wasting gas (and making pollution) to buy over priced books at your local bookstore.

Happy shopping!

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  1. i had a 5th generation 80gb classic [i was and still am a space snob. i hate running out of room] and i looooved it. and then i accidentally dropped it in a sink full of water one day. it was tragedy.

    so, i'm just replacing that one. i'm sure it would have been fine if i hadn't sent it swimming.

    i'm also planning to steal this meme sometime today!


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