Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Girl With No Shadow

Joanne Harris is a novelist that I have little experience with. I read her book Chocolat and fell instantly in love with it. This book, the follow up of Chocolat, is only the second book I have read by Harris. By reading the book it's solidified my intentions of reading more and more of Harris' work.

The book takes the beloved characters of Chocolat and forewords them four years to Paris where the main character Vianne is trying to live her life as normally as possible. No more spells, no more magic, no more chocolate. He daughter Anouk, now known as Annie, isn't exactly thrilled of this new life and even less thrilled at Vianne's new love interest Thierry. But all in all, life is normal, the family is normal- or as normal as the Rocher's can get.

It isn't until the beautiful and bewitching Zozie comes into their lives that things begin to be not as normal as before. Despite Zozie's charm and seemingly caring interest in Vianne and Anouks life there is something much more dark and sinister hidden behind the veil she has placed around her.

This book is much darker than Chocolat. While Chocolat dealt with the fears of old time thinking and a priest there was still an edge of humor through out it all. The Girl with No Shadow is much different in that, I feel, it was more serious and realistic. Not quite as much of a fairy tale as the previous book which makes the darker edges of the story all the more real.

I really enjoyed this book and am somewhat sad that this is the end of Vianne and Anouk's stories. But it's a good end, an end that kept me captivated the entire novel. I enjoy Harris' style of writing and the portrait she paints of her characters and fully intend on continuing to read Harris' books.

So I urge anyone who reads this to check out the books and even the film adaptation of Chocolat (which has Johnny Depp in it as Roux). Go read and watch! Right now!

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  1. Thanks for the comment. I think that's what I want to do: pick up a new book. I just needed to hear someone say it's okay, lol.

    And reading your posts, I've discovered I really want to read the novels you mentioned by Joanne Harris. They sound pretty awesome.



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