Saturday, May 30, 2009

Book Challenge

On March 28, 2009 I decided I would collect all of the books I had holed up in my room which I hadn't read yet and set myself a challenge. To read 20 of these books by February 1st, 2010. This is how I've done thus far...

Bold books are ones that I have read since 3/28/09

So here is the list!
The Hobbit
The Silmarillion
Out Stealing Horses
Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star
Cold Mountain
Memoirs of a Geisha
Mermaids in the Basement
Son of a Witch
Life of Pi
Dragonfly in Amber
Great Expectations
The Chimes
The Cricket on the Hearth

Women in Love
The Red Badge of Courage
Mansfield Park
Jane Eyre

6/22 isn't half bad! And I also read some other books during this period of time that weren't on the list. I might take a brief break from reading any of these books for a bit only because I'm just not in the mood to read right now. This happens every now and then, I'll get out of my bookish spirit for two weeks or so then hop back into my appetite for literature for months on end. 

A post about The Cricket on the Hearth will follow sometime soon. Until then you can scroll to past entries to see my posts about the books I've read!


  1. i hoard books and don't read them too! i just keep buying more, instead of reading what i have. anyway.

    cold mountain, 1984, jane eyre, emma, and eragon are on my to-read list. as are many more.

    i'm on a mission to read some holed-up books this summer. i'm enjoying the time to actually read =]

    also, i'm enjoying claire de lune!

  2. Thank you for the comment!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who hoards books. To think I just bought three more. And two before that! And right now I'm rereading a book I already read in High School. Slight fail on my part.

    Good luck on your mission!!! :)


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