Monday, April 27, 2009

Jane Eyre

Repeatedly I have been told by friends that I must read Jane Eyre. That if I enjoyed Austen, I'll certainly enjoy Brontë. When I received a decent amount of gift cards for the holidays I picked the book up with the intention of reading the book and whether or not I liked it, I could add it to my collection and if I ever have children and they are to read it for school we would not have to get a copy.

So I sat down with the book and began to read it myself only to discover that I truly enjoyed the book and was very much enraptured by the main character, Jane, and all of her thoughts. It had the right amount of traumatic experiences and drama but not enough to make it too dire. There is also the proper amount of romance for daydreams and happy feelings but not enough to make it sappy.

The writing is easy enough to read quickly and understand. The termenology that often confuses readers of Austen is not an issue with Brontë work. The only complaint I do have is that there are brief discussions and small paragraphs in French because Jane Eyre does speak and understand French and at points she is accompanied by other characters who speak French. My issue with this is that I, despite taking a year of intense French courses, do not speak any French past "I do not understand" and "Do you speak French".

But aside from that it still has that obstacle of a woman who is living life and then facing a decision of who to love and what is proper. It reminds me of Austen's work in that way. The continuous stride to be an intelligent woman with a voice and yet being caught in a love triangle. But I, for one, enjoy reading that type of literature and daydreaming of it. If you are against books that ultimately dive into the romance genre then I will press for you to stay away from this. But if you are looking for an entertaining read, a decently written one at that, and you don't mind hearing the (almost) entire life of a girl whose had many negative things happen to her PLUS the romance, then yes... go for it!

It's also a classic. ;-)

PS: This is one of the books off of my must read challenge!


  1. I LOVE Jane Eyre....definitely one of my favorite books of all time.

  2. It was really good! I was quite impressed. :) I think it's one of those books I'll return to when it's in the winter though... it felt like a good winter read. haha


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