Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Queen of the Damned

Book Three of The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

There should be a warning label, I feel, on the very cover of the book. The first two books are written from the point of view of one character. Other characters might come in and 'tell their story' but all in all it's still from the point of view from either Louis or Lestat.

This book however goes from one character to another within each chapter. It introduces multiple characters who we have never heard of before. It takes some getting used to, especially when you end up with a character who bores you. And I sadly find many characters to be quite boring who seem to keep resurfacing. But the characters I do enjoy I cannot get enough of and we get to read their perspective of life and received a taste of who they are without having to read a whole other book.

What's fascinating about this novel is that Anne Rice dives into the way history is recorded within the world and constructs a history of her vampires. Where and how they were created with scientific and historical details. I always wish I could interview Anne Rice and ask her how exactly she comes up with the ideas she has. They are so precise and articulate. They hold a lot of weight and very little room to question things.

Having so many different characters with their own chapters Rice made this book much longer then it could have originally been. The basic story that develops is the following of 'red hair twins' and their life story= how the first vampire was created= leaping forward in time to The Vampire Lestat's concert in California which is where we left off at the end of Book 2. With the different characters chapters it lengthens the story through adding those characters own life stories and how in the end all the vampires and those mortals who are tied to them are all related in one way or another.

This might possibly be one of my least favorite of the books. And yet, I enjoy it for the characters whom I find interesting. I feel that out of all the books this is the one who will most likely have mixed reviews. People who do or don't like stories broken up, the people who do or don't enjoy the story line, those who do or don't enjoy the characters provided. It's a 'you have to read it to see it' type of novel.

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