Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The Mars series by Fuyumi Soryo is a 15 book manga series that I read originally when I was 18 years old and during the course of the first week of my college career. I read all the books quickly and then tucked them away, never reading them again, until these past few days.

A friend of mine visited for the weekend from Boston and she is the person who introduced me to this series. For old times sake she picked the books out and began to read them while I crocheted and then I picked them up with interest after she went home.

I recall loving the books and devouring them with compete excitement when I was younger. Now, I see that it's filled with silly dramatic points. Phrases that no High Schooler would use. And the female character is entirely over emotional and at times I felt the need to slap her in the face and tell her to suck up.

But aside from that. Now I'm being serious here... the series is interesting because it's entertaining yet brings up many subjects that are (sadly) common topics that are heard of as a teen. Suicide, speeding cars/motorcycles, rape, molestation, bullying, murder. These are, more or less, very serious subjects but the books take them a tiny bit lighter then one would assume. Being lost in the middle of one serious event then popping back by the next page.

But I'm nearly 23 years old. This book is appropriate for ages 13 and up- that's ten years younger then myself. I feel they're splendid for teens. I know I myself adored the stories when I was 18. But finally I am realizing my age and I can't exactly enjoy all stories that are meant for younger ages. At least I enjoyed those books back then, if I were to discover them now, I probably wouldn't have had any interest.

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