Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Tale of Despereaux

I didn't exactly expect this book to be a slow boring read and I was completely content with the entire story as a whole. It's enjoyable, it's cute, it's happy, and it's a fairy tale in my opinion. Well, it does center around the plot form of a fairy tale and what is normally seen in fairy tales. It's what the little mouse Despereaux so enjoys about fairy tales. I haven't much to say of the book, really, which is disappointing because I do want to make people- if they happen to read this- utterly convinced that they must pick this book up for a read as soon as possible.

But it's true! Take my word on it. It is a good book. I enjoy stepping back to my childhood- so to speak- and indulging myself in books that might not have been around when I was of that age. In a twisted sense, I read these books and think, one day I'll read these books to my own children.

When I was a child my mother read to me every night and I think that is the reason why I began to read at such a young age. Some of my favorite memories of my childhood is from when I was curled up in my bed, all of my stuffed animals laying beside me with their heads on the pillow and the blanket pulled to their chins, and my mother reading a book to me. I want to give that pleasure to my own children.

Despereaux is one of those books which I would read to my child. Each chapter is relatively three to five pages long, many with a picture each, and the chapters in themselves are like tiny stories too. For the really small child I feel you could read one of these chapters then call it a night, for the older ones you could go through a few, and it's all satisfying and interesting for myself and most likely for a child's mind.

I think I'll reread this story in the future, a quick pleasurable read when I just want to be entertained and left happy and warm in the end. And the movie which is being released in one week looks as though they've added a lot more story line to it but the movie version of Despereaux is just too adorable for me to care much. I mean, look at him!

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  1. I want to read this! I saw it when I was little at the school library and noted to read it...but never did. Now with the movie coming out, I want to read it before I see it!

  2. From what I understand the movie is a lot different and has much more added to the story then the book. But the book was great and I'm sure the movie will be splendid too!


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