Sunday, November 30, 2008

Who is Erica H?

Born in New York I was raised in the Catskill mountains, a short distance from the 1969 Woodstock Festival site. Since I learned how to read I had a passion for books. Reading multiple books at a time I would often get in trouble as a child for staying up long past my bedtime reading books with a flash light under my covers. High School was no different. Being known for my reading endeavors I won a creative writing award during my High School graduation, aside from graduating with the notice of being a National Honor Society member and volunteer for the school and public libraries.

I went to Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania; majoring in English I fell even more in love with books and the written word. The economy took it's dive just as I graduated and was left struggling to find a job. I was also craving the sense of education so I began to read obsessively. It was only a few months after my graduation when I opened this blog during November of 2008.

Nearly every book I read, I write my thoughts on it. Nothing that I write, I feel, could be of the standards used for a school paper or listed in a publication. But for me it's the key elements that I'll remember. When I look back at entries past and see what I thought of a particular book it's all I need to jog the memory of that book.

Luckily this had led to many great opportunities. Meeting fantastic people over the internet, running giveaways, and doing reviews for books prior to their release. By the summer of 2010 I was actively writing book reviews, working as a book seller at a major bookstore chain, and a publicist for a newly published author. In my mind this proves that whatever you set your mind to can happen.

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